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Bilby What Is A Bilby?
The Bilby is a native Australian marsupial related to the bandicoot. The word bilby is from the Yuwaalaraay and Wiradjuri Aboriginal language and means long nosed rat.
Bilbies grow to about 30cm-55cm in length. They are a nocturnal, don't need to drink water and eat insects, larvae, seeds, spiders bulbs, fruit, fungi and very small animals. They live in burrows which spiral down to stop predators.

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Black Bilby Pty Ltd
Black Bilby Pty Ltd is an Independent Software Vendor trading from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


For all support requests email support@blackbilby.com

Luke Tupper is the main developer and director of Black Bilby.

Luke is an accomplished commercial software developer working as an employee and contractor for numerous enterprise companies.

To contact Luke you can email him directly at Luke@BlackBilby.com